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by Natalie

   Frequently asked questions

   What are the benefits of having Reflexology

The benefits of having a reflexology treatment include:

  • The balancing of hormones by stimulating energy flow in the endocrine system
  • An antidote to stress and tension by unblocking congestions in the nerves and blood vessels
  • Encourages oxygen and blood flow in the cardiovascular system
  • Aids the healing process after surgery
  • Eases pain and swelling in the feet and legs
  • Encourages the brain to release “pain-killing” endorphins which promotes pain management.

    Will a reflexology treatment hurt?

When there is tenderness or sensitivity in a particular area, it could be for various reasons. For example congestion in that corresponding body part or associated energy pathway, crystal deposits (toxins) on the nerve endings, an injured or recovering area/organ or an unbalanced area.  It could also be a commonly sensitive reflex area such as the pituitary reflex. As the Reflexologist works the area, the sensitivity will diminish indicating that balance in the problem area has been restored.  Pain on a specific reflex is always brief and only lasts as long as pressure is applied on it and is always kept at bearable levels for the patient.

    How will I feel afterwards?

Reflexology encourages circulation causing a patient to feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a treatment.  Patients often say they felt tired afterwards and had a good night’s sleep!  Others may experience elimination reactions such as diarrhea, a mild headache, a runny nose, nausea or increased perspiration. These are all “normal” post reflexology symptoms and mean that the treatment has encouraged the removal of toxins and helped the body heal itself and bring it back into balance. 

   How long will it take for Reflexology to work?

The number of sessions will vary according to the patient and the condition.  Well-established disorders will take longer to treat, but you would generally see a result after 4 treatments for short term conditions.  A course of treatments is recommended for all conditions to balance the body and prevent a recurrence of a problem.  The efficacy of the treatments is influenced by the frequency and the ability of a patient to make lifestyle changes which are recommended by the therapist. Generally treatments are given once or twice a week and once there is improvement the treatments are spaced out to fortnightly and then to monthly maintenance sessions.