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by Natalie

Reflexology encourages the body to return to and maintain a balanced state much the same way as regular exercise reflexology on left footwould in maintaining a firm, toned body.

Reflexology is applying pressure with the hands to  specific reflex points, this stimulates the senses and helps the body relax.  

Blockages in the form of toxins prevent the free flow of energy and optimal organ function in the body.  When a Reflexology treatment is given circulation is improved which encourages toxins to break up and be eliminated.  This contributes to an uninterrupted supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells and allows a cascade of natural healing processes to take place, for example the balancing of hormones, improved relaxation and pain management.  When the body is balanced it is able to cope better with stress, maintain immunity and function correctly. 

During a reflexology treatment a patient is given lifestyle suggestions that may include healthy nutrition, exercise and stress reduction.  These changes along with reflexology treatments help the body regain balance and support continued good health.

What to expect during a Reflexology treatment

A reflexology session generally lasts about 45 minutes to an hour.  At the first consultation the reflexologist will discuss your general health and gather personal information such as sleep patterns, energy levels, allergies or intolerances, medical operations, family history of illnesses, diet, relaxation and exercise. All this information is used to gather a comprehensive overview of your health in order to allow for a lifestyle assessment and serves as a base against which the efficacy of the treatment plan can be measured.

Initially your feet are cleaned with a mild disinfectant and then various stretching and relaxation techniques are used on the feet to release tension.

The reflexologist will then stimulate the reflex areas on both feet.  During a session, the treatment will mostly be very calming and comforting and the patient has a general feeling of well-being. The reflexology treatment is brought to a closure with a relaxing foot massage using a herbal cream.